Script Px v3.x by Andrew Shulgin

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Diagnosis of the engine using USB Autoscope and script Px version 3.x by Andrew Shulgin
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The Px script performs the measurement, calculation and analysis of the key pneumatic characteristics of the cylinder, intake and exhaust systems, the operation of the valve timing mechanism and ignition timing control system, and also evaluates the mutual effect of these systems on each other. The work of the script is based on an automatic analysis of the pressure waveform in the cylinder, obtained with a pressure transducer screwed into place the spark plug. To carry out this test, it is enough to install a pressure transducer on the spark plug seat, and connect a spark gap and a synchronization sensor to the high-voltage wire of this cylinder.

Allows you to:
- Evaluate the tightness of the cylinder;
- Calculate the geometric compression ratio;
- Automatically measure the real phases of the gas distribution;
- In the form of animation show the real process of gas exchange in the cylinder;
- To reveal the insufficient filling capacity of the cylinder with a fresh mixture and to establish its causes;
- check the efficiency of the turbocharger, the drive supercharger, the variable valve timing system (Vanos, VVT ...), the system for changing the lifting height of the valves (VTEC ...), the system for changing the geometry of the intake tract, the system of the inlet path resonators;
- evaluate the efficiency of the turbocharger;
- identify an inadmissibly large filling of the cylinder due to improper operation of the drive or turbocharger;
- Identify the increased costs of engine power for cleaning the cylinder from exhaust gases;
- Identify the modes of operation of the engine, in which the angles of ignition timing are not optimal.

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